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Most amazing nightclubs in New Jersey

Travel to New Jersey and make sure your nights will be just as amazing and your days. Most people will inform you what tourist attractions you should visit, the best museums in town, the best restaurants and the top places where you should spend your days. Here are some of the best nightclubs in New Jersey where you should drink and dance with your companion at night.

Listen to good vibes in New Jersey

Perhaps one of the best nightclubs in New Jersey, The Avenue A Club is placed on 58 Avenue A Newark. This is the place where you will be amazed by the vintage cars exhibited downstairs. The Avenue A Club is a nightclub indeed and it will remind you of an all man cave, but they have an impressive collection of Lamborghinis under the club. Stare at your favorite car for minutes then go upstairs to enjoy the fine selection of drinks with your appealing New York Escort.

Come early at QXT’s Night Club and you will enjoy their special offers. Located on 248 Mulberry Street Newark, this club for cuties has an upstairs dance floor and two rooms downstairs which are known as the crypt. Listen here some good vibes, your favorite goth songs, new wave, industrial, 80s and 90s music. They also organize stunning event, so you should probably book in advice.

Lovers of burlesque nights will have a wonderful time at Hell’s Kitchen Lounge. This astonishing night club established on 150 Lafayette Street Newark combines a few different concepts: it is part kitschy Vegas lounge and part sexy bar. Visit this impressive venue with a ravishing companion, listen to the DJs scratch and try the tasty cocktail until it is late night. In case you will spend your weekend in New Jersey, you must visit One18 Lounge. This nightclub on 118 Stockton Street Newark is definitely the place where you will want to have fun all night long. The dance floor will be crowded and ladies here are dressed to impress, as you will soon notice. The bar at One118 Lounge will surprise you with a huge assortment of vodka and champagne, but make sure you will come here with enough cash.

Drink and dance with your companion

Between 3pm and 8 pm you will savor a delicious sangria for just $1 at Rio Lounge. Come to this club situated on 618 Market Street Newark with your lovely New York Escort from and watch how the partygoers are trying to banish the cold weather. The Latin and American music will make you want to dance all night long and you will sure wish to stay in New Jersey for longer.

Visit the tourist hotspots during the day, but do not miss these nightclubs either. Grab your comfortable shoes, make sure you look fancy and hit the dance floors within the most fascinating nightclubs in New Jersey. Spend here several days with your enchanting companion and have some fun together!